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Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, or you need to brush up your Italian for business, exams, or pleasure; or simply want a taste of Italy’s wonderful language, history and culture, the Dante Alighieri Society Sydney is the place for you. We offer Italian courses (online or in person), tailored Italian lessons or online Italian lessons, and a very successful book club. We are also at the centre of a vibrant cultural community: stay in touch with us and discover our exciting events in Sydney!


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The master of Italian language , Dante, against the background of a representation of his literary masterpiece

d A few words about us 

The Dante Alighieri Society Sydney is the oldest Italian cultural institute in Australia. It was founded in 1896 by Dr Tommaso Fiaschi, an eminent Italian who migrated to Australia in the late 1800s.

A groupf of young students learning the Italian language

d Ready to Learn Italian?

Whether you're gearing up for a journey to Italy or aiming to enhance your proficiency in conversing with Italian-speaking colleagues or friends, our dynamic, conversation-focused courses are designed to equip you for success.

d Events

We organise conferences, film screenings, round tables, historical insights, theatrical readings, and much more, providing a platform to discuss and explore relevant issues in history, culture and current events.

Il Salotto: i figli di una cultura di mezzo
Il Salotto: i figli di una cultura di mezzo
15 June 2024, 2:00 pm
Five Dock
A group of people participating to a bookclub reading and discussing the books they are reading.

d Book Club

Since November 2020, LibrInsieme convenes every two weeks via Zoom, in the early evening, to discuss, comment on, and occasionally critique the books we've collectively chosen to read. We select contemporary writers of all genders, not necessarily widely recognised, and extend invitations for them to participate in our concluding session. Typically, they join with great enthusiasm, fostering enriching and stimulating exchanges as we delve into their work.

A person is carrying a huge present that contains a new membership, a package of Italian lessons to learn the Italian language

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