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Book Club

Premio Strega

Since 2021, we have assumed the role of a 'Literary Presidium' for the Rome-based Dante Alighieri Society and have had the honour of participating annually in this capacity as part of the popular jury for the Premio Strega. The Strega Prize stands as the most esteemed Italian fiction literary award. It is bestowed each year upon a book published between 1 March of the preceding year and 28 February of the year in which the prize ceremony occurs. To adhere to the schedule of this event, occurring between mid-April and the end of June, our readers engage in a veritable marathon, reading the 12 books (the renowned 'dozen') to vote for the selection of the top 5 finalists. Each reader presents one of the 12 books to the reading group; we deliberate upon them and then proceed to cast a secret ballot. The winner of our reading group is subsequently communicated to the organisers of the Strega Prize, a task carried out in secrecy to avoid influencing the outcome of the vote. To join the group, a Membership of the Dante Alighieri Society Sydney (or the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney) for the current calendar year is required. Authors generally provide electronic copies of the books in advance exclusively for use by the Book Club members. Would you like to know more about our Book Club, including our participation in the Premio Strega? Please email us at:

The 12 Finalist Books for 2024

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