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Book Club


Since November 2020, LibrInsieme convenes every two weeks via Zoom, in the early evening, to discuss, comment on, and occasionally critique the books we've collectively chosen to read. We select contemporary writers of all genders, not necessarily widely recognised, and extend invitations for them to participate in our concluding session. Typically, they join with great enthusiasm, fostering enriching and stimulating exchanges as we delve into their work. Each book undergoes scrutiny over three biweekly meetings: an introduction to the book and its author, a group discussion, and a final online meeting with the author live from Italy. Participants read the novel at their own pace and engage in discussions via Zoom during the early evening hours, usually on Wednesdays. Our reading group is diverse. Fluency in Italian is not a prerequisite for participation; rather, a comfort with reading novels suffices. For those inclined, there's also the opportunity to propose a new book to the group. We prioritise creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can freely express themselves. Meetings are recorded solely for the benefit of attendees unable to attend. To join the group, a Membership of the Dante Alighieri Society Sydney (or the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney) for the current calendar year is required. Authors generally provide electronic copies of the books in advance exclusively for use by the Book Club members. Would you like to know more about our Book Club? Please email us at:

Our Books for 2024

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