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NO PAY? NO WAY! by Dario Fo and Franca Rame

"Funny? If I wasn't sitting down I'd have fallen over." The Sydney Morning Herald

When No Pay? No Way! opened in 2020 it was instantly met with standing ovations and glowing reviews. Now, one of Sydney Theatre Company’s funniest and most beloved productions in recent years returns to the Drama Theatre and to a world more in need of its wild, farcical wisdom than ever.

Brimming with hilarious plot twists and sharp-as-a-tack dialogue, No Pay? No Way! is a wild and wonderful tale of an uprising at a local supermarket, that sees a group of angry housewives shoplift ‘til they drop. Now, with a pile of newly ‘liberated’ loot, Antonia – played by Mandy McElhinney (The Tempest) – and her best friend Margherita - Emma Harvie (The Harp in the South: Part One and Part Two) - embark on a ludicrous, laugh-a-minute escapade to stay three steps ahead of the law. Directed by the award-winning Sarah Giles and adapted by ABC comedy powerhouse Marieke Hardy from the beloved play by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, Sotto Paga! Non Si Paga!, this 1970s joyride satirises the world of dollars and cents to uproarious effect.  

Also featuring first-rate comedy legends Roman Delo (Hubris & Humiliation), Glenn Hazeldine (Così), and Aaron Tsindos (A Fool in Love) this production is both exhilarating and exuberantly funny, prompting one reviewer to remark, “I haven’t heard an audience laugh so loud for a long time” (Limelight).

Snag your tickets here before they walk out the door!

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