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Explore Architectural Elegance Through Italian: "La Lingua Italiana nella Storia dell'Architettura"

Updated: Jun 28

Immerse yourself in the grand journey from Roman times to modern day through "La Lingua Italiana nella Storia dell'Architettura". This course is perfectly tailored for enthusiasts and students of all ages with a solid understanding of Italian. Dive deep into the epochs of architectural brilliance and expand your vocabulary with specialized terms. Witness how Italian architects like Mario Antonio Arnaboldi and Renzo Piano have sculpted the skyline of Sydney.

Whether you're a lover of art and architecture or planning to explore Italy's iconic landmarks, this course offers enriching insights into architectural styles and terminologies with a non-academic, simplified approach using vivid images and explanations.

Join Arch. Ivo Enrico Poluzzi for 8 captivating sessions, 2 hours each.

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