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Luana was born and grew up in Rome, where in 2000 she graduated in Contemporary Italian Literature from Università La Sapienza. In 2001, she came to Australia, where she completed a PhD in Italian Cinema in the Cinema Studies (now Screen Studies) Program at the University of Melbourne.

During her time in Australia, she taught at universities and language centres in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Throughout her teaching experience, she developed programs and outlines for Italian language, grammar, culture and society courses. Additionally, she actively participated in projects and events related to the Italian community, including workshops and conferences.

In 2009, she moved to Spain, where she continued to teach Italian and English to Spanish-native speakers while also immersing herself in learning the Spanish language and culture in Madrid. She has recently returned to Australia to embark on a new journey.

Since 2008, she has published articles and essays on Italian cinema, culture and poetry in both Italian and English academic journals, as well as commercially published books. Her passion lies in writing, reading and scholarly research and analysis, particularly focusing on topics related to Italian culture and society. She possesses an innate curiosity about the meaning of life and a genuine interest in people's stories. Additionally, she has a deep love for nature and the sea.

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