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Born and raised in Piacenza, a town right on the border between Emilia- Romagna and Lombardia, Diletta (AKA Dilly) is a certified Italian teacher with extensive teaching experience both in Europe and Australia. She holds a BA in Chinese and English studies and an Advanced Diploma in TESOL. She has gained experience in teaching adults, teenagers (especially for high school assessments) and children from 8 years of age onwards.

Both her face to face and online classes are incredibly dynamic and practical and have the purpose to make every student communicative straight away. She has a very friendly yet professional approach that helps students feel comfortable asking questions and participating with enthusiasm. Every class she teaches focuses on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and aims both at revising what has been done previously and adding new “bits and pieces” that will contribute to make each student a more confident Italian speaker.

Most of her students literally started from scratch and now speak rather fluently.

She teaches 6 days a week, including Saturdays, and has a fairly flexible schedule that involves both private and group classes.


She is also a very imaginative person who enjoys presenting cultural events such as movie nights in collaboration with various Italian institutes in Sydney to promote and support Italian art and creativity.

If you’d like to know more about our Italian lessons, email our courses’ convenor at

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