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Beatrice Siragusa



Beatrice was born and raised in Rome, the Italian capital. Throughout her life, she has lived in multiple cities across Europe. She attended both Italian and French high school, earning her high school diploma from the French institute in Rome. She is bilingual in Italian and French.

She then lived in the beautiful harbour town of Trieste (North-eastern Italy) where she obtained a
Bachelor’s degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication and a Master’s Degree in Specialized Translation and Conference Interpreting (with a focus on Italian, French and English) at the University of Trieste.

After finishing high school, Beatrice began delivering French lessons. Following her Bachelor’s degree she started collaborating with a language school in Trieste, consistently teaching both French and Italian. Over the years, she has taught private and group lessons, accumulating more than 500 classes. Her teaching approach is dynamic and interactive, focusing on grammar, speaking, and addressing the specific needs of students.

Beatrice speaks four languages: Italian, French, English and Spanish.
Her multicultural experience has taught her to teach with an open mind to people of all ages, levels and diverse cultural backgrounds.

If you’d like to know more about our Italian lessons, please feel free to email our courses’ convenor at:

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