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Caterina Caroli



Caterina was born and raised in Northern Italy. Her hometown is Modena, well known for its balsamic vinegar and Ferrari cars. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Preventive and Adapted Sports Science in Rome after completing a Bachelor of Classical Studies in her hometown. Upon graduation, she continued her studies by obtaining a Fitness Diploma in Sydney. After completing her studies, Caterina began working in Italian schools as both a physical education teacher and an assistant teacher of Italian for foreigners. 


Three years later, having returned to Sydney, she decided to combine the two things she was most passionate about: training people to achieve health and wellbeing, and teaching Italian.


That’s how 'Ginnastica in Italiano' was born. The purpose of this method is to stimulate both the physical and emotional aspects of the learning process, as Caterina understands that learning a new language can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. Taking part in physical activity increases adrenaline and endorphin levels, which improve mood and, most importantly, concentration levels. As a result, she decided to introduce this new method for teaching the Italian language that will certainly be stimulating and enjoyable. 


So why not learning a new language while working on your physical wellbeing in the open air?


If you’d like to know more about our Italian lessons, email our courses’ convenor at

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