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Private TuitionLanguage courses are held each term over nine weeks. The 2015 dates are:

Term 1  Fri 30th Jan - Thu 2nd April
Term 2  Mon 27th Apr - Sat 27th June
Term 3  Mon 20th July - Sat 19th Sep
Term 4
  Mon 12th Oct - Sat 12th Dec

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Holiday Intensive Courses

Beginners 1 & Beginners 2
January - April - July - September

HSC Intensive Courses, 9 hours over 3 days

Tuesday, 7th - Thursday, 9th April 2015
Tuesday, 30th June - Thursday, 2nd July 2015
Tuesday, 22nd - Thursday, 24th September 2015


Course fee:
Special offer $200 Beginner 1 course
All other courses $270
$15 Society Membership due yearly

Offers & Discounts:
$255 - Early bird, for payments received 2 weeks
before the start of the term
$255 - for enrolments of 2 terms
$245 - for enrolments of 3 terms or more

For current special offers check our Home page.

Annual membership is just $15 for language students and $35 for full Dante Alighieri members.

Membership entitles you to:
  • 10% discount at Abbey's bookshop (York Street, Sydney CBD)
  • Free access to the comprehensive Dante library of Italian literature and DVDs
  • Special invitations to our cultural events

The Society will award a scholarship in Italy to at least 2 students enrolled in 
its courses (conditions apply).

Comprehensive Italian language course
Whatever their current level of accomplishment, students of Italian will find the appropriate course in our extensive programme to further improve their language skills. Classes are arranged on a convenient daytime or evening schedule. Text book is required from Beginners to Advanced levels.

Free weekly conversation hour is offered to Dante's students on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm.

Certificates of attendance will be issued upon request and suitability.

Beginners 1
• Grammar: use of adjectives, articles, basic verbs, simple prepositions, numbers.
• Communication: greeting people, introducing yourself, asking the meaning and translation of a word, ordering in a restaurant, asking and giving personal details.
Beginners 2
• Grammar: regular verbs, the verbs piacere, adverbs of frequency, modal verbs, ordinal numbers.
• Communication: talking about leisure time, expressing likes and preferences, describe a place, giving directions.
Beginners 3
• Grammar: passato prossimo, irregular past participle,
past time expression, reflexive verbs, possessive adjectives, direct object pronouns.
• Communication: planning a trip, asking information in
a travel agency, describing a typical day, describing holidays and traditions, describing your family, describing food and eating habits.
Intermediate 1
• Grammar: indirect object pronoun, use of indirect pronoun with the direct pronoun, present conditional, imperfetto, difference between imperfetto and passato prossimo, comparatives, present progressive, direct indirect and reflexive
• Communication: shopping for clothes, making polite requests, expressing taste and preferences, describing past situations, talking about habitual activity in the past, giving a physical describing of someone, organizing leisure activities, expressing dislike and annoyances.
Intermediate 2
• Grammar: future tense, ipotetic period, imperative formal and informal.
• Communication: talk about future projects, give suggestions, hypothesize events.
Intermediate 3
• Grammar: combined pronouns, comparative and superlative irregular, past perfect, past conditional.
• Communication: give instructions and advice, talk about past experiences, describe places, express regrets.
Upper intermediate
• Grammar: present and past subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive and past perfect, passive.
• Communication: express personal opinions, talk about events in the past, expressing goals and objectives.
Advanced 1
• Grammar: hypothetical period, relative pronouns, adverbs, subjunctive with the conditional, si impersonal, gerund.
• Communication: express wishes, discuss and complain, justify facts and events, make requests in a courteous manner, talk about a trip, describe places.
Advanced 2 to Advanced 9
These levels will revise and deepen the grammar and topics studied in the previous levels. The vocabulary is enriched, the pronunciation is improved, and the grammar is completed. The level of speaking, writing and listening skills are refined. The texts used are focused more on current events (politics, culture, sport) than on grammar exercises.

This class, conducted in Italian, sharpens your conversational and debating ability by discussing contemporary issues and cultural talking points from the Italian media in a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Saturday Italian for Beginners Course
Italian on Saturdays
We offer two Saturday courses:
Beginners 1
an intensive course for beginners aimed at developing linguistic foundations;
Intermediate 1
a follow on from the Beginner 1 course, it expands previously acquired language skills and reinforces basic languistic structures

HSC Intensive
We offer everything students need to pass their HSC with flying colours. Our small, student friendly classes ensure a head start you're looking for to prepare for your Italian exam. Dante's native Italian teachers specially tailor your writing and oral practice to your individual needs. For more information, call us on (02) 9283 0261.



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